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Name Crayons

Name crayons are such a fun gift for children for play based learning.  They help with letter recognition, colour recognition and spelling of their name too!  Great for loot bags, stocking stuffers or just cause!!

Custom Name Crayons

These custom name crayons make an amazing stocking stuffer for kids.  Not only do they get a customzied gift but they can also colour with their own name too!  Also a hit for birthday parties or just cause gifts!! Price is per letter and crayons are non-toxic. 

Alphabet Crayon Learning Tool

Take learning to a whole new level with these alphabet crayons.  They are great for letter recognition, colour recognition, spelling words and sounding words out.  But the best part is that kids can colour with them too!  Every set comes with 2 colouring pages too!  The fun can start right away!  Extra letters can be added for additional costs.

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Crayon Word Fum

Crayons are a great way to teach reading to your kids.  Choose some of their favourite words to get them interested in letters or a full alphabet set.  Send me a message with the words you would like made in crayons.

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