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In this section you will see featured: VALENTINE'S DAY, EASTER, HALLOWEEN and CHRISTMAS. They can be made into soaps also (Please inquire for pricing as pricing will be different). All of the sets below you are able to mix and match any of the designs.  The colours will be a variety and will therefore, be different than those shown in the picture.  If you have any questions or are looking for a specific holiday designs please message me. 

Valentine's Day Crayons

Valentine crayons are a fun addition to the day.  They can be made into soaps too and are a great way to bring smiles and show someone you care.  Take them into school as a gift or stocking stuffers too!  Create some new memories this holiday season with not only creating new art work but playing with your crayons too!

Valentine Classroom Favours

These colourful message heart crayons came in a variety of colours. Packaged in any number required, they are so much fun to colour with. 

Valentine Party Favours

These large size Valentine message crayons are a great way to say your thinking about your friends.  Each has a unique message and comes packaged and labelled.  

Easter Crayons

These Easter Crayons are the perfect addition to your holiday.  A great size for little hands and can come in lots of different colours!

Multicolour Bunnies

These bunnies are so much fun as they each come with 2 colours.  They are sure to be a hit for Easter this year! 

Halloween Crayons

These halloween crayons are the perfect treat for this holiday.  They help with colour and shape recogntion, as well as, play based learning through colouring.  Look at lots of options below.  They can be mixed and matched for the perfect set! 

Christmas Crayon Mixes

Enjoy looking through some Christmas fun!  Any crayons can be mixed and matched for a custom set.  Send me a message about pricing and availability.   Require a few days notice for bigger orders. 

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