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Spray Bottles

Spray Bottles

These spray bottles are made with Essential Oils and each bottle is carefully handcrafted just for you. Each spray bottle is 4oz and distilled water is used as the carrier for each.  These spray bottles can help with the following:   

Lice Prevention Spray 

Monster Spray (kids falling asleep!) 

Cold Prevention Spray

 Sleepy Time Spray (for adults) 

Bug Spray

Odour Buster Spray (hockey/dance bags, shoes) 

Yoga Mat Spray (reduce smell and germ prevention)  

Try one today!



These rollerballs are handcrafted with Essential Oils.  Information cards with ingredients are available for all rollerballs.  These are great to have handy in your purse.  They are all 10ml bottles and grapeseed oil is used as the carrier oil for each roller.  Rollerballs include:

Sleep                           Allergies   

                            Pain                            Headache                  

     After Bite                         Immune Boost

Focus                                       Energy

         ADHD                                                   Snoring  

      Stress                                                  Happy

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