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Crayons For Loot Bags, Favours or Smiles!!

Character crayons are a fun way to learn while colouring.  The character crayons can help kids to be excited about learning.  Teaching them colours, shapes and to just have some fun while creating new pictures.  All crayons are non-toxic and they can come in a variety of colours too!  Any colours shows can be changed! The crayons come packaged and labelled with a cute To/From tag that will allow you to personalize the gift.  The characters can also be made into soaps, but please inquire as pricing will be different.  The soaps are made with a cocoa butter soap base, distilled water, coconut oil/olive oil, soap dye/mica powder and essential oils.  Sizes range from 1-3 oz size soaps.  Large orders welcomed, please inquire for pricing before placing the order.  If you do not see what you are looking for, send me a message.   Shipping is available for items, buyer is responsible for shipping costs, see FAQ page. 


This section is full of lots of different character crayons and they are the perfect size for little hands.  This section is all about play based learning with shape and colour recognition, on top of just having fun colouring! 

All crayon favours come packaged and labelled for you to personalize each of them.  They can be a variety of colours and all crayons are non-toxic.  If you would like something even more different, they can be made into soaps too! 

Soap Favours

These soap favours were great for the birthday party. They were cocao butter soap base withg essential oils.  Great way to say happy birthday. 

Soap Favour

Pig Image 3 (Each Price)

This is a great loot bag favour and stocking stuffer.  It can be made into a soap or crayon.  They can be made into a variety of colours too.

Pig Image 5

Unicorn Favours

Loving these unicorn favours for any occasion.  Great for birthday favours, stocking stuffers and lots of lots of smiles!

Maple Leaf Image

Going with the "oh so cute" theme are these Maple Leaves.  The perfect addition to any loot bag or stocking stuffer.  They can be mixed and matched with other "oh so cute" items in this section! 

Maple Leaf Image (Each Price)


Check out the holiday crayon section to see all of the featured sections.   VALENTINE'S DAY, EASTER, HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS are all available.  Hit the button below to hop over to the Holiday section to check out the crayons available.  All favours can also be made into soaps also. 

Click To See Holiday Crayons

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